Sock Monster?

The Sock Monster is a rare, turntable wielding creature from the outback of Australia.

His unique mashed up style serves up toxic dancehall, dub bass and ragga toasts with a healthy dollop of broke beats.

The Sock Monster has been represented on the website of the legendary Mashit jungle label.

He's been known to galavant with the creepy old Russian which known as Baba Yaga, who rides around in a mortar and pestle, has a hut on chicken legs, and iron teeth.




The sock monster has briefly returned from the wilderness to hack up some mash up in a croakinglizard style...

Featuring loads of dubs and unreleased madness from the likes of accomplice, cocoman, jahtari, unsoundbwoy, babylon demolitionist, p739 and the artbreaker, this mix promises to wind up yuh waist, and mash up yuh face...
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Download 256k

sarantis / warrior queen - more than money - (whitelabel)
dj c - ransom version - (deathsucker)
istari lasterfahrer - sound gets dropped - (dubcore)
accomplice - original soundclash style - (unreleased)
cocoman - run fa cover - (unreleased)
unity sound - lean boot version - (honest jons)
mikey murka w/disrupt - second hand man - (unreleased)
unsoundbwoy - fire inna dj - (unreleased)
babylon demolitionist - tek heed - (unreleased)
accomplice - idj- tragedy remix (accomplice dubby version) - (unreleased)
unsoundbwoy - glauacoma - (now on survival story...)
p739 - sour apple quickstep - (unreleased)
the artbreaker - let me go - (net release)

Feedback always great to receive... this could well be the last sock monster appearance for many moons so enjoy it while its hot!

Avenge of Sock Monster
Impure dancehall tinged breakcore.
Chunky and asymetrical with a more than a few noisy deviations.

Download 192k

Bong-Ra feat. Ras Bumpa - The Claw
Timeblind - What the?
Larvae - Sith Witch
Bong-Ra vs The Dirty Dred - Blood & Fire (Inna Di Dancehall Mix)
EOSS - Radish
Mode Selektor - Black Barbie RMX
Repeater - Poor health bad constitution
The Bug vs the Rootsman - Boom Version
Istari Lasterfahrer - Sounded intelligent
Sick - Steaktippin (EOSS free range mix)
DJ/Rupture feat. Junior Cat - Flop we
Doormouse - Tres mal
Remarc - R.I.P.
Parasite - Big up yourself
Christoph de babalon - High life pt 2

Mortar and Pestle Dub
Cut up dub with snippets of jungle to tap your toes and crush your consiousness...

Download 320k

Royal Cubit - bud
DJ Scud & Aphasic - Coldharbour Lane 2002
David Last - posca kid
DJ Flack - Story of OH (DJ C Mix)
Mungo's Hi-Fi - Shanty Dub
nymphomatriarch - amaurophilia
Aphasic vs Super Cat - Girlstown (who got that cat on the junk mix)
The Rootsman meets King David - 21st Century
Scorn - Put your weight on it
Downpour - Go back to sleep
Venetian Snares - Marty's Tardis

Baba Yaga - By Ivan Bilibin

Baba Yaga's Teeth
Shortly after his misconception, the Sock Monsters ode to Baba Yaga appeared on the Mashit site. Niceness throughout - New school jungle flavour with dancehall diversions.

Check Mashit - DJ Mixes for more jungle madness!!

Eight Frozen Modules f. Wayne Lonesome - Be Strong
DJ Taktik - Your Body Good
Sean Paul - Infiltrate (Blade Runner rmx)
16 Armed Jack - Gwan Infiltrate
Soundmurderer - Stick Up quick mix Wayne and Wax - DJ C It Dat Version
Yush 2K f. Sandra Melody - Fade Away
Chopstick Duplate - Junglist Outlaw version
Soundmurderer and SK1- - Search and Destroy
Axiome - Slache
The Bug / Rootsman f. Mexican - WWW (Kid 606 Remix)
DJ C and Pamelia Kurstin - It Gets Worse
Aphasic - Get Lost