Mr Wankle


3re aka wanklerotaryengine began experimenting from birth and eventually was spinning vinyl as the Y2K bug was taking a firm grip on the fears of the collective corporate evil we have come to know as "suits". He creates a vibe that entertains and challenges both male and females alike in a unique style, coming from within. Using elements of familiarity and child like fun yet evolved and textured, then at the same time can be scraped in favour of a new and completely more ridiculous idea.
Not being content to be typecast just as a dj, recently he has taken to showcasing a more personalised platform through production in which to unleash his knowledge & creativity to mash up tha dance. From silence to noise, beats to bass, cultured to groundbreaking, emotional to cold steal, always pushing and creating the future sound, never following the popular hype, never predictable, never caring if you read this shit, never saying never… forever forward no rewind!
Contact Wanklerotaryengine at wre at this lizardy site dot com, or visit him at or soundcloud


3re @ Futuro Tropicale Warehouse Meltdown Melbourne Jan 30th 2010 by 3re 'Live'

Mixes by 3re

by bombjack

Mixing out the Jamaican love side of my personality on this one, which is always good to do if you spend a lot of your life appreciating noise and craziness. Gives you solid ground, time to think and reflect on what the crap is going on. Tis a long mix should be good for everybody else(southern hemisphere not included), that are having long summer days with house parties, bubbling dance and happy vibes. Gun fi buss tunes for the guys, lovers tunes for the gyals. Dancehall has been a major focus of the dance community even more so this year with the great Alliance, Movado, Kartel, shizzle. It’s a welcome strength that grows as kaos reigns supreme in our f’d! up babylon system that some intellect decided to try out a few hundred generations back. Bravo, nice one fuckface, got everyone believing we can’t do without it now, innit! Hehe ..So I mixed a few tunes, smoke, get high, smile, dance and laugh with ya friends, use this as background music…. Bless


by bombjack

outernational, dancehall hiphop, jungle, breakcore
january 2009

Hi all, something on a different tip from me here. Woke up on another 40C dry Melbourne day with my neighbor banging on the wall and the usual chaos happeningout on the street, so I decided to get up and listen to a Spoek Mathambo mix I downed from Mudd Up the day before and drink some tea, think it was green. Then once I felt alive I decided to lay this mix down
Ok to the mix, in this one I find myself attempting to reach out navigating the globe musically and bringing forth several styles to try and find a unity within the mix and the global community.
Hope it finds you somewhere


Filastine-Q'emalo ya(Inst)
Ghislain Poirier feat FaceT-No More Blood(Deadbeat rmx)
Dj/Rupture feat Pe'Ere-Little More Oil
Verbal Skool
DjC-Seaya Face Version
Ghislain Poirier-Taqasim Verson
Nobel Society-Swarm(Zuzuku Cumba Klash rmx)
Patric C-Raggawhack
Missy-I'm Really Hot
Com.a & Dj Shiro-Fire Camp(More fire rmx)
Strategy Bwoy
Istari Lasterfahrer-Crying Game
Bogdan Raczynski-Untitled
The Bug feat Warrior Queen-Insane
Cuti Sadda-Dancehall of Death(Cardopusher vs Speedranch rmx)
Bong-ra-Necrogoat(Short edit)
Filastine-Judas Goat
Dj Elected-Potato(One blood)
LFO Demon-British Telekom Harlequin
Enduser-Bollywood Breaks(Line47 rmx)
Mochipet-Dessert Search for Techno Baklava
Maga Bo feat Bigg-3akel
2/5 BZ-Militant Oriental
Dj Elected-Potato42(Ended Lovers)

by bombjack

What is my purpose?
Jungle, Dubstep, Bounce, Dubcore, Breakcore

Once again, WRE astounds, surprises and surpasses expectations with this rollicking rumble of jungle, dubstep, bounce and breakcore. This is the stuff that makes us want to get out of the house and into a basement somewhere we can go ape shit.
From the first seconds it dont let up, briskly pulling your ears through all sorts of beat laden textures and invoking the sort of head nods that would make a neurologist concerned.
WRE is clearly, like Capelton, on a mission. Stuttered, splattered, skanking, toasting, lounging and constantly varying, the pace of this all vinyl set infers some multi armed monster behind the decks.

This, once again, is an excellent set and a must for any home fitness enthusiast...

DJ C-This is a Stage Show (Refix/Played@Silly Speed)
Cardopusher-Fighters Unite
Hey O Hansen-Fire
DJ C-Come Back Version
Krumble-Dread Bull Plastic
Aaron Spectre & Prodigal Son-Say Yeh
Ghislain Poirier feat Mr Lee G-Dem Nah Like Me (Remix)
Aaron Spectre-Look Out Fi Liar
Ghislain Poirier-Diasporia
DJ C-Ransom Version
Hey O Hansen-Babylon System
Aceyalone feat Jah Orah-Jungle Muzik
General Malice feat Sanchez-Kill Em All (Mashup Remix)
Istari Lasterfahrer-Can�t Tek No More
Krumble-Backward Country Boy Explosion
Istari Lasterfahrer-Fuck with my Crew (Remix)



Wish you were here
june 08-1hr16min


1 MIA-Paper Planes (Adrock rmx for Children)
2 Roundhead-Hempire rmx
3 Gregory Isaacs-Dealing Lotion
4 Alton Black & Blacka Ranks-A Gal Just a Watch You
5 Collie Buddz-Let Me Know
6 Chezivek-Call Pon Dem
7 Nick Fantastic-Call Pon Version
8 MIA-The Turn
9 Mash it up Kru-Waiting in Vain Medley
10 Supercat & The Pharcyde-Girls Town (The Heatwave rmx)
11 Dj Vadim-Boom Sumting Instrumental
12 Buju Banton v�s Natvasha-Dance Like a Champion
13 Tenorfly-Bump & Grind
14 Tanya Stevens-Still a go Lose Him
15 Tanya Stevens-Its All Right (Livewire rmx)
16 Dj Vadim feat Demolition Man-Up to Jah
17 The Bug-War Version
18 Cutty Ranks-Limb by Limb
19 Pliers-Bam Bam
20 The Heatwave-Piano Riddim
21 The Heatwave feat Warrior Queen-Things Change
22 The Heatwave feat Warrior Queen-Things Change (Dj C rmx)
23 Fat Eyes-Assult Rifle
24 Aceyalone feat Jah Orah & Bionik-Master
25 Kelis, Beenieman & T.O.K-Trick me Twice (The Heatwave rmx)
26 Capleton-Fire Time
27 Lady G-Know Dis
28 Lady G-Put Down the Gun
29 Mavado-Weh Dem a Do
30 Busy Signal & Mavado-Badman Love (The Heatwave rmx)
31 H2O Riddim
32 Dj C & Zulu-Animal Attraction
33 Dizzie Rascal-I Luv U
34 Sticky & Ms Dynamite-Booo!
35 The Heatwave feat Rubi Dan-Walk and Wine
36 Dj Flack-Rock to the Rhythm
37 Cauto-Bona Vida
38 The Heatwave-Shine eye Gal rmx
39 Coco Jammin-Inside Out Dub
40 Gentleman-On We Go

reality on a plank scale

Reality on a Plank Scale

A pulsating mash up of Ragga-Jungle, Dubstep, Breakcore & Metal
Sept 07-58.35min


Bong-ra - Warhead
T.Raumschmiere - Rabaukendisko (The Bugs Dancehell Mix)
Rotator - Distorted Species
Aaron Spectre - 1600 Penn FTW
Bong-ra 666Mph - (Bong-ra v's Aphasic Mix)
Twinhooker - Any Bwoy Dis
EOSS - Wacko Macko is Backo (Dj C - Babylon a Fall Mix)
Shitmat - There's No Business Like Propa' Runglee Clotted Mashup Buzznizz
Istari Lasterfahrer - Dubcore
Twinhooker - War Den Ah War
Strog - Paranoid Mashup
Capleton - Bun Dem Every Day
The Bug- Jah War
Blackham - The Crusade
Aaron Spectre - Say More Fire
Istari Lasterfahrer - Sound Gets Dropped
Mathhead - Bonafidekilla (Aaron Spectre Mix)
Dj C - Come Back Wicked (Mashit Mix)
Mochipet - Botan Rice Core (Aaron Spectre Mix)
Aaron Spectre - You Don't Know
Bong-ra - Slaytronic
Cardopusher - 25 Years for Murder
Drumcorps - Forgive and Forget
The Assdroids - Licking the Spoon (Kill Yr Idols Mix)

Dubwize 13B Conservative Turbo

A soulsmoothy mix of Dub, Reggae, Jungle
Oct 2007-47:27min


Zion Train - Boxes and Amps feat Dubdadda
Radikal Dub Kolektiv - Gyaku Zuki
Timeblind - Copy Copy
Massive Music - Find My Way (Kode9 Mix)
Bush Chemists - Look to the East
Leroy Mafia - Bells of Life
Bush Chemists - Look to the East Dub
Zion Train - What a Situation feat Raiz and Tippa Irie
Cheshire Cat - Bite the Dust (Rockers Version)
Turbulence - Notorious (Diplo Vocal Version)
Zion Train - Animus Mundi
T.Raumschmiere - A Million Brothers Blah Blah Blah (Sub Species Mix)
Insane Viruses - Untitled
Njuchin - Pollens Soul
Richie Spice - Blood Again/The Way You Living
Techniques - You Dont Care