New Zealand born Gareth O'Neill, DJ Leftoverz discovered a love of dance music after going to the last Gathering of the millenium in Takaka and is now based in Tokyo.
After years of experimentation DJ Leftoverz got hooked on the sound of cut up drum breaks and after first attempting to DJ D'n'B and Hip Hop he finally settled on the sound of Jungle. He tries to concentrate on pushing the sound forward and lifting the vibe, whether it be nuskool mashup business, or oldskool amen 'Bukem' style mixes. DJ Leftoverz style is always evolving and with an ever increasing catalog of fine jungle records, his mixes are sure to impress.


DJ Leftoverz - Baldhead Selection

Redrose & Tony Rebel - Guntalk
Galliano - Travels The Road (X Project Junglist Vocal Mix)
Studio 2 - My God
Trip 3 - The Crack (The Final Trip Mix)
Studio Pressure - Relics
Marvellous Caine - The Hitman
Chatta B - Into Sound (mix 2)
Tarzan - Studio 1
Lewi and Schwarzenegger - Soul Pill
Odd Man Out - Musical Dis
Cleanhead - The Reward
Knowledge & Wisdom Crew - Kill A Sound
Da Maytrix - Come Een
Mafia The Blackhand Vol 1 - A side
(De Good & De Bad (feat. De Ugly) - Operation Tek'em)
Chubbstar & Energy - Good Vibes
Shy Fx - Simple Tings (LP mix)
Mafia The Blackhand - 1995 Flavour
Chris Jay - Champion Sound
Rush Puppy - Silencer (Drum & Bass Mix)
Redrose & Tony Rebel - Guntalk


DJ Leftoverz - Soundboy Lesson One

Krinjah - Squeeze Remix (Hand Grenade)
Da Maytrix - Let Me Know (Kute Kutz)
Dillinger - Believe The Bass (Conqueror)
DJ Rap - Intelligent Woman (Proper Talent)
DJ Ash & Vern - Squeeze (Tearin' Vinyl)
City Connection - Loosing My Mind (Labello Blanco)
XTC - Mission (Conqueror)
Urban Dread - Top Priority (Ruff'n'Tuff)
S-O-H-K - The Bommer (Sonic)
Urban Jungle - Back In The Days (Sexy Ladies Mix) (Jungle Mania)
Jay Parkes - High Jack (Pin High)
Marvellous Cain ft. Daddy Freddy - Babaloo (Suburban Base)
Chris Jay - Junglist Soldier (Ramjac Remix) (Dubwise)
DJ Steve B & Zinc - Ripple (Vocal Mix) (Renk)
Shy Fx - Dubplate (S.O.U.R.)
Unknown Deep Jungle (DAT001)
Mark Caro - Jack It Up (Blast)
Hempaholics ft. Gunsmoke - Court Case (S.O.U.R.)
Jay Parkes - Unknown B Side (Pin High 002)
2G's - Hunt and Seek (Assassin)
Chatta B - Dub Fe Dub (Redskin)